Thinking about doing a PhD?

You decided you are smitten with research and are considering to pursue a PhD. Do you recognize yourself in the following skills and competences:

  • Scientific inquisitiveness

  • Independence and self-discipline

  • Common sense and logical thinking

  • Creativity to deal with unexpected results/circumstances

  • Perseverance


Ticked all the boxes? Then pursuing a PhD might be your dream job!


What do you further need before you can start?



  1. A master diploma

  2. Research topic & proposal
    Write down what you will study and how you are going to perform it. If you already have a supervisor, she/he might have ideas to guide you!


  3. Supervisor
    Super necessary. Not only to guide and support you through the trajectory, but first of all to get enrolled! See enrollment
    Check for research topics and expertise of supervisors here

  4. Funding
    You can start self-funded, but then it will not be an easy road to take. Find out channels to financially support your research
    Guide for funding: